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Going the Distance – Charting the Journey to Net Zero


September, 2021

Climate change isn’t a future problem — the crisis is already here. Extreme weather and rising temperatures pose grave risks to our communities and environment, forcing relocation or migration, causing billions of dollars of damage to infrastructure, triggering severe water scarcity, wiping out natural habitats and putting endangered species at risk.

Climate change also poses risks for business, from physical health and safety risks to financial risks. Its implications are interlinked and can pose multifaceted risk across environmental, economic, social and technological aspects throughout industries. The climate risk is urgent and the time to act is now.

More and more companies are stepping up their efforts and are committing to reaching net zero emissions. But while the business case for decarbonization and net zero is clear, there is no standardized path to reach this destination. To help businesses kickstart the journey to net zero, we’ve defined the net zero mindset, outlined the core challenges that must be addressed to succeed, and laid out a roadmap for how to get started with corporate net zero strategies.

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