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Helping Create a Nationwide Recycling Infrastructure


May, 2022

Landfills across the country are rapidly reaching capacity, and it is therefore more important than ever that we remain mindful of how we dispose of our waste.

Collective action is needed on the part of industry and business leaders, cities and governments, and citizens around the world to develop an infrastructure that promotes recycling, the composting of organic materials, and ultimately, that helps to bring about the end of waste.

The journey to zero waste will be defined by steady progress, not instant perfection. Businesses and governments cannot achieve zero waste overnight. Instead, they should aim for measurable, attainable goals in shorter time frames. Furthermore, there would be a large benefit to private and public entities working together to drive more sustainable waste and recycling solutions. A large component of Rubicon’s mission to end waste lies in having strong recycling infrastructure.  Download our report now to read examples of how Rubicon® and its partners are working together to create a recycling infrastructure across the United States.

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