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How Offshore Wind and Renewable Power-to-X Can Help Solve Europe’s Energy Crisis


May, 2022

Countries are facing an energy and climate crisis. Dependence on imported fossil fuels can never deliver the energy security we need – nor does it allow us to address global climate change. And while renewables are scaling up rapidly, the annual buildout rates are still insufficient to overcome dependence on fossil fuels. Therefore, it is evident that a new approach is needed to speed up the deployment of renewable energy. 

Offshore wind and renewable power-to-X will play a crucial role in decarbonizing Europe and promoting energy security, but several obstacles are holding back its full potential. This paper outlines how government and industry can move towards an accelerated and sustainable buildout.

Some of the highlighted solutions are: 

  • Accelerate the deployment, by fast-tracking existing projects and streamlining permitting processes 
  • Allocate the space to enable large scale buildout towards and beyond 2030 
  • Activate the industry to help solve the challenges around an expedited buildout 
  • Appoint a clear role for hydrogen and e-fuels to unlock investments into the future renewable hydrogen economy

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