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Mission Critical Microgrids


November, 2021

Today’s energy challenges are unprecedented and widespread. Extreme weather is causing frequent damage to our electrical system, costing Americans and the economy billions each year. Potential points of failure are becoming harder for utilities to predict and for most businesses, an unexpected power outage can cause disruptions that ripple through their entire value chain. 

This is the risk landscape for all of us, but without proper safeguards in place, the consequences of those risks are higher for those whose power supply is critical to the functioning of their organizations. This has caused a fundamental shift in thinking from, “the cost of power” to “the cost of not having power.” 

Fortunately, we are now in a time where there are multiple options for sourcing and delivering electricity. Distributed generation has completely shifted the energy paradigm, providing a clear path forward for those seeking to gain more control of their electricity supply. 

This paper explores this crucial paradigm shift. Its objective is to educate and mobilize individuals, businesses, communities, and policymakers around the importance of resilient power – the challenges we face, the risks we can mitigate, and how leaders can gain control of their energy future through distributed generation and microgrid solutions.

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