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The New Era of Reporting: How to Engage Investors on ESG


September, 2020

Corporate sustainability reporting stands at an impasse. A lack of standardization creates a frustrating disconnect between what investors are looking for and what companies are communicating on environmental, social, and governance (ESG). And as the world experiences a pandemic-fueled recession, companies will need to be more deliberate than ever with how, where, and why they invest scarce corporate sustainability resources.

To address the challenge of providing increased quantity and quality of ESG data in a resource-constricted environment, companies must rethink their traditional reporting strategies to better engage investors. This means streamlining reporting to include ESG data that investors care about in a more easily accessible and interpretable way, while leveraging new digital communication tools when possible.

In this white paper, thinkPARALLAX provides sustainability practitioners with an alternative approach to traditional sustainability reporting better suited for today’s ESG investment landscape. This focuses on streamlining the reporting process while providing more valuable information to investors and capital providers. Readers will learn how this approach can help reduce time spent on reporting so that resources can be redirected towards programs aimed at advancing ESG goals and general future-proofing of their business.


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