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Ørsted: Our Green Business Transformation


June, 2021

As the world pivots to a net-zero society, every business across every sector has an important role to drive real change. There is also increasing demand from individuals, investors, and governments for businesses to adopt more sustainable strategies and practices. The world needs more businesses to transform sustainably, helping maintain profitability and progressing global climate goals. 

Ørsted, previously known as DONG energy, has undergone one of the most ambitious green transformations of the last decade. We’ve gone from one of Europe’s most fossil fuel-intensive companies to a global leader in offshore wind and renewable energy solutions. In a recent white paper, we chronicle our transformation journey and highlight seven important lessons learned to inspire other stakeholders to embark on their own green transformation. 

The paper describes how Ørsted transformed its business model from fossil fuels to renewables; and offers what we consider our most important learnings about how to execute a green business transformation. We believe this could help companies across sectors that are considering or already undertaking a sustainable transformation – and help accelerate that transformation.

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