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Pairing Up Renewable Technologies Can Lead to a Higher Green Score


October, 2021

Since 2015, more than 35GWs of renewable energy projects have been installed in the United States to meet the sustainability needs of corporate and industrial customers. The growing need has driven an entire new method of commercialization of renewable projects and created a new revenue stream. As corporate customers forge ahead with their renewable energy and sustainability goals, renewable energy technologies, such as battery and solar energy, are seeing great advancement. There are more opportunities to expand impact through developing new projects and providing a more robust renewable generation match for load demand. 

In this paper, Ørsted explores how corporate customers can pair and stack various renewable energy technologies to achieve a green portfolio that more closely reflects their load profiles. Although there are challenges in the U.S. markets to fully achieve a 100% renewable energy product during all hours, corporations can come much closer than before at a much more market competitive cost. 

By layering onshore wind, solar, offshore wind and battery technologies in varying combinations, corporate customers can effectively and dramatically increase their Green Score to truly achieve a more round-the-clock product. 

Ørsted is committed to creating a world that runs entirely on green energy. After completing their own green business transformation from a heavily carbon intensive energy company to a renewable energy major in just over a decade, Ørsted understands the challenges and obstacles to renewable energy. By 2025, the company will be the first major energy company to achieve carbon neutral energy generation and operations and by 2040, the entire supply chain will be carbon neutral. Ørsted’s next step of the journey is to leverage its expertise to help other companies set and achieve similarly ambitious sustainability and decarbonization objectives.

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