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Revolutionizing the Supply Chain: Resiliency and Microgrids


June, 2022

Today’s retail supply chain is more interactive, digitally connected and networked than ever before. But a single unplanned break in the cycle due to a power outage, even a tiny blip lasting moments, can have a ripple effect – disrupting business operations, creating losses, and compromising contracts as well as customer relationships. 

Innovative microgrids can help harden operations against outages and keep you from being a weak link in the supply chain. Microgrids combine distributed generation — solar, energy storage, fuel cells, and generators — with controls, equipment and O&M services that help organizations operate and island from the electric grid. They’re an intersection of environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals and resiliency.

Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions’ e-book “Revolutionizing the Supply Chain: Resiliency and Microgrids” breaks down how microgrids can help retailers, retail suppliers, manufacturing facilities and transportation ports maximize uptime and achieve the supply chain energy resiliency they need. The book will help you understand:

  • How companies are deploying microgrids to advance their ESG goals 
  • Why microgrid adoption is on the rise 
  • The impact microgrids can have on operations at transportation ports, manufacturing plants and distribution and retail organizations 

Download the “Revolutionizing the Supply Chain: Resiliency and Microgrids” e-book and see how microgrids can help keep you from being the weak link in the supply chain.

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