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Stepping Into the Circular Economy With Confidence

Hand held machine with its parts separated

November, 2022

To unlock the full potential of the circular economy, it is necessary to move beyond solely focusing on profits for business and fundamentally rethink how to deliver the best products and services that cater to people, profit, and planetary needs (aka Triple Bottom Line, TBL). But to do so, you need to know more about circular design.

We will guide you through the principles and course of action with an approachable example: A small, battery-powered consumer good. It allows us to highlight some crucial design principles of the circular economy and to illustrate some of the challenges you might face with your business while stepping into the circular economy. We exemplify material choices and construction technology as well as business model design. The circular design principles of this white paper are for everybody: Head of Product Development, Product Design, Innovation, R&D Managers, CSR Representatives, Sustainability Managers, etc.

This white paper anticipates the changing market dynamics influenced by the right-to-repair movement in the US, the European Green Deal, and a growing sustainability-driven market share.

Download the white paper today to learn more about circular design.

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