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Sustainable Agriculture Programs Driving Carbon Markets


April, 2022

Global food security and climate change are interconnected challenges.

The results are in from over 540,000-acre North American sustainable agriculture pilot programs - and the experts on the ground, from Nutrien Ag Solutions, have a message to share. 

Sustainable and productive agriculture requires whole-acre solutions and carbon markets play a role in the future of agriculture. This isn’t new, but it’s critical in feeding the world’s growing population with the same amount or even less resources. 

However, the carbon market and protocols for agricultural systems remain immature and need to continue to evolve following a science-based and practical approach to scale the industry’s positive global impact.

The pilot programs, working directly with growers, revealed challenges and opportunities in a complex web of where we are at and where we need to get to. 

The path forward isn’t paved, it’s cultivated in collaboration, innovation and investment.   

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