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The Time is Now: Why Global Delivery and Logistics Fleets are Going Electric


June, 2021

Driven by a confluence of environmental, market and regulatory trends, delivery and logistics companies around the world are beginning to adopt electric trucks and vans to move goods. While the market is still early, the time is now for the leaders of delivery and logistics fleets to pilot, buy and scale electric vehicles and plan and deploy charging infrastructure at fleet yards. 

This report used over a dozen original interviews with fleet leaders to dig into the key lessons learned around buying EVs and deploying charging infrastructure, as well as the biggest opportunities and challenges of this market. Interview highlights include:

  • “By nature of the math, an incredibly large portion of our fleet is going to have to be zero or near zero-emissions,” PepsiCo’s senior director of fleet operations, engineering and sustainability, Steve Hanson.
  • “If you are not on this journey, you are at real risk of being left behind,” head of sustainable mobility at IKEA Retail, Ingka Group, Angela Hultberg.
  • Smart software “is key. It becomes really critical that we use software to facilitate each route and manage the energy available at each station,” said Russ Musgrove, managing director of global vehicles for FedEx Express.

Download the report to learn about how leading delivery and logistics fleets are navigating this new and important market. 

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