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Verizon Climate Resilience Prize

November 5, 2021

in Partnership with GreenBiz Group and the Adrienne Arsht – Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center

We envision a world where innovation helps us prepare for tomorrow’s climate. We are launching the Verizon Climate Resilience Prize to recognize and propel climate resilience solutions that have proven results and are ready to scale for an even greater impact.

Climate Resilience is the capacity of social, economic, and environmental systems to cope with the hazardous events and trends associated with climate change, according to the IPCC. We are awarding $500,000 grants in prizes across three categories

Leading Edge Technology Solution: Solutions that use technologies including but not limited to 5G, edge computing, real-time IoT, AI, and XR to advance climate resilience.

Frontline Community-Led Solution: Solutions to advance climate resilience created and led by members of communities that are both highly exposed to the negative impacts of the climate crisis and likely to have fewer resources to respond to those risks. Frontline communities may include communities of Black, indigenous, people of color, immigrants, low income and people with disabilities.

Nature-Based Solution: Solutions that leverage nature or natural systems to advance climate resilience.